Training & Technical Support

School College Management System


We are passionate about creating interesting learning experiences, that alter behaviors and influence performances. Our highly skilled learning development team works with you to understand the stakeholders (student, teachers, parents and non-teaching staff), the expected performance goals and your training needs. To make you accustomed with the working and implementation of the learning software, we will provide you with online and on-site training.


Online Training

We offer fun, in-depth and engaging online seminars to teachers, principals and even to key opinion leaders at their respective schools. Our online training courses are tailor made to meet the requirement of any teacher, who wishes to become a Triz learning solution power user.

Learn from the experts: Our online training features, developed by seasoned veterans, who have dedicated hundreds of hours in training and technical support.

Maximize your investment: Are you making the most of Triz’s products? We offer an array of useful features that help in saving your time and money – come see all of them in action.


On-site Training

An experienced Triz trainer will come to your school and train your staff. On-site training allows teachers and school staff to spend some time, in a dynamic hands-on environment and explore the features of our products. Discuss ways in which these technologies and applications can improve the educational environment of a school. Involve parents and raise the overall performance of students.

What happens initially once I have logged an issue with TRiZ IT Support?

Support Work

When you have logged a support ticket with us, you can expect an automated email with confirmation of your request, together with a call reference number. It is important that you keep a note of this number and quote it whenever you speak to us about that specific issue.


What happens then?

1. Telephone support :

If you contact us by telephone our primary task is to gather all the necessary information that is relevant to your reported issue and log it as a support issue – this is unless the reported issue can be fixed within 5 minutes of the initial call being logged.

2. First line support :

First line support pick up all issues in priority order oldest call first. They will attempt to replicate the issue and if they can replicate it, they will work to resolve the issue. If they need to ask you for additional information, they will either call you or send you an email – either way, they will email you to confirm the details.

3. Second line support :

If the reported issue needs further TRiZ knowledge or greater technical knowhow, first line support will escalate your issue to second line support. They will continue to work on your reported issue to resolution.

4. Third line support :

If your reported issue requires Linux or TRiZ Database knowledge to resolve, your issue will be escalated to third line for diagnosis and resolution

5. Development – Bug :

If we (first to third line) identify an issue that could be due to a problem with the TRiZ software (TRiZ code) and is likely to affect any school using that area of TRiZ, then it is promoted to a bug ticket and investigated by our development team. If the development team confirm it as a bug, it becomes a “Known Issue”.

Additional Support Terms

Issue put on hold

When we contact you to ask for additional information, your ticket is placed on hold and no further work will be undertaken with your issue until you have responded. If you do not respond within 7 days, you will be sent a reminder and if you do not respond within another 7 days, your ticket will be closed.


A support issue is classed as resolved when the answer provided by our team provides a fix or explanation to the issue reported. When a reported issue is resolved, it will move into a resolved status.

Resolved – expected behaviour / feature request:

If your reported issue is not a fault with the TRiZ software platform, a full explanation will be provided including what you can do next. It is not possible to re-open a support ticket when the issue is not a fault with the TRiZ software. Further discussions can take place, but this will fall outside the support system.

Resolved – fixed

If we provide a resolution that fixes the reported issue, any steps you need to undertake to fix your platform will be provided. If this does not fix your reported issue or you need further assistance, you can reply to the email sent and your issue will move out of “resolved” status back into”open” . Any issue held in “resolved” for more than 5 days will be marked as closed.


TRiZ IT Support Issue is classed as closed if any of the closed criteria as detailed within “Issue put on hold” or “resolved” status. Once a call is closed, it can be re-opened within 7 days of the call being closed (except Resolved: expected behaviour / feature request). Any requests made after this date will need to be logged as a new TRiZ Support Issue.


“Known Issue”

When an issue is confirmed as a bug by the development team, it is promoted to a known issue and scheduled for fix within a future patch build. How soon a known issue is fixed is dependent on a number of factors including:

How many schools have reported the issue

If a number of schools report a specific issue, the higher the urgency of that issue. Therefore, it is important that you report all support issues to us even if you spot them on the known issues list

The severity of the reported issue

The higher the severity, the quicker it will be fixed.

If there is a valid workaround for the reported issue.

If the issue has a temporary workaround available, its severity will be reduced. It is important to note that a workaround is not an excuse not to fix a reported issue, but allows schools to continue to use a specific area of the TRiZ learning platform until a permanent fix is applied.