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Partners Program

We strongly believe, in partner relationships, built on mutual respect and trust, as the cornerstone of our success. A successful partnership is a relationship that demands loyal collaboration, along with commitment and shared responsibility towards a common goal.

Partner Philosophy

Our approach to Partner Program, is based on specific feedback from our partners and customers. We are always open for inputs from our partners and are committed to treating partnership in truest sense of the word. Our Partner Programs, make it easy to provide powerful solutions to the customers we already work with, and gain access to an even broader customer base

Core Principles

  • Mutual revenue successes with our partners – Ensuring, our solutions are competitively priced and offer you a good return for the investment of your time and effort.
  • Trust and integrity - Our goal is to build a long-term and strong business relationship based on mutual trust and business integrity — we will do what we say..
  • Delivering competitive advantage - We ensure that you have the best solutions, best competitive knowledge and partner tools to win, time after time.
  • Customer Retention - will provide you with solutions that your customers choose to use and renew year after year, enabling your business to grow, from the predictable, recurring revenue our solutions deliver.

We are appointing partners in various states of India to streamline our sales process. We offer flexible partnerships to match your way of doing business.

Looking for existing business people in the following domains:

Computer hardware / software products dealers / distributors
Educational Books / Study material suppliers / distributors
Freelance Consultants in Education/Scientific Lab equipments suppliers(schools) /
Belt, Tie, Id Card suppliers / Uniform material suppliers & those doing business with Schools and colleges are also eligible.

Partnership Benefits

  • Establish a new, recurring revenue stream.
  • Differentiate your proposals, by adding education offerings.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Go to market quickly with an internationally recognized partner.

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