Why Triz

School College Management System

Educational Institutions have access to either very cheap not working ERP systems, or very expensive ones, which most cannot afford. Plus too much of overhead on implementation of such systems prohibit institutions to automate their administrative management processes.

Triz Innovation has one objective – To create 100% usable & affordable ERP software. With so many software solutions available, usability becomes the key.

We have put in scientific approach in user experience to make Triz Innovation platform usable, so that you can reap the benefits of the tool from the moment you sign up. Schools / Institutes can go live with this solution in less than 60 seconds without the need of any ICT knowledge or resources.

Our approach towards automating educational institutions is totally different. Our technology is built around transactional data as well as real time web updates. Using a multi-tenant architecture, Triz Innovation Platform facilitates the creation of a Final Exam Report Card in less than 30 seconds. The application has been designed to be very intuitive so that the end user can immediately go live with this solution without much or no assistance at all.

Existing School management software applications are complex to implement and use. Our solution has reduced the time to go live with the old school software from average 6 months to merely in 3 days. Plus, the system has been designed for increased end user self service which helps in distributing the workload for raw data entry. Very important aspects of the solution cater to Unified Communications and Online Fee payments, which are expensive and complicated when, attempted to build separately.

Triz Innovation Pvt Ltd is a full capability Technology service provider founded in 2005 and has been consulting large enterprises and SME’s on India Pan level at best practices. Triz Innovation has developed proprietary software products, some of these include Human Resource management (HRMS), Customer relationship management (CRM), Learning management system (LMS), Library Management, Workflow management (WFMS), and many more.