Network Management

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Having an inefficient or disorganized network management system, can lead to serious problems for organization.

Triz network services are designed to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate the full lifecycle of your network infrastructure. Our network management team can help you to assess your current network management strategy and devise a course of action. We can bring your network management and provisioning processes to a more synchronized, precise and efficient level.

Network Management Service Features :

o   Performance managed by skilled Triz operations engineers, including continuous, proactive network monitoring and real-time notification of management devices.

o   Easy-to-use Control Center interface to access network performance statistics, view alerts, create and manage trouble tickets.

o   Fault management and escalation through analysis of activities, to isolate and correct unusual operational behaviors.

o   Configuration management for configuration faults and customer-requested changes for configuration integrity.

o   Full suite of online reporting capabilities available through Control Center.

o   Comprehensive device management service level agreements (SLAs), including performance thresholds for incident identification and response, policy change request acknowledgement, policy change request implementation, and emergency change request implementation

Network Management Service Benefits :

o   Fuel business growth through turnkey managed networking, configuration management, and change management.

o   Refocus resources on critical business strategy and execution by simplifying network monitoring and management—while retaining full visibility and control.

o   Enjoy outstanding network performance through proactive issue identification and resolution backed by a team of technical experts and comprehensive SLAs.

o   Leverage the full functionality of your network infrastructure, without diverting resources to time-consuming technical training and development.

o   Meet new demands like enabling multicast video, improving VoIP quality and supporting virtualization initiatives.

o   Redirect operational dollars to strategic initiatives to make IT a competitive differentiator, rather than a cost center.

o   Reduce staffing costs, while maintaining round-the-clock coverage by Triz network operations center (NOC).

o   Scale and customize the network management services you receive, to match your business needs and comfort level.

o   Accelerate resolution of network availability and performance incidents for routers, switches, firewalls, printers, and other devices.

o   Maintain continued write access for routers to roll back changes easily and bring new devices online.

o   Lease, purchase or use your own equipment with CPE maintenance options.

This facilitates an effective and optimized approach to capitalize on network design, application accessibility and recital, trim down or shun downtime. Network management services save your time and money by automating repetitive tasks, managing IP addresses, configuring devices, rebooting your system or restarting your applications. Using this network management service, you can run your organization more efficiently and effectively.