Hosting Management

School College Management System

Triz is a completely hosted solution.

Your Application, our cloud


The Triz cloud is built on a very advanced physical infrastructure.

Reliability and redundancy

Triz’s cloud is designed for extremely-high-availability. Redundant components at all levels, dispose all single-points-of-failure and redundant extremely-high-bandwidth networks guarantee reliability. Redundant servers and fail-over systems secure the cloud, against multiple server failures and multiple copies of all data are written at the same time in real time to avoid data loss. Archived backups protect against catastrophic events.

Return on Investment

There’s a reason Triz Innovation advocates for open standards. We understand that integrating your systems and vendor products is a key to creating a unified user experience. Of course, we would also recommend a holistically integrated solution for reasons of automation and minimizing administration costs.

Peace of mind

There’s no compelling reason to stress over capacity, security, software and hardware upgrades, backups, internet connectivity, power – or any of the myriad challenging activities necessary for a secure and highly accessible computing environment.

Easy and inexpensive

Triz hosting services eliminate the cost and burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software.

Fast access

Triz uses one of the best and fastest carrier-level network infrastructure available, providing lightning-fast access from anywhere in the world.


Triz uses state-of-the-art security measures and the best industry practices.